Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Modern Day Hitler Marching!

Modern Day Hitler Marching!

European Jews for Justice and Union Leader Faruque Ahmed are saying the same thing. One must wonder who and why are blindly supporting Israeli war crimes and genocides!

"Sieg Heil"! What a double standard and hypocrisy! They talk about sixty years old “milking Cow” called holocaust while they say or do nothing about the ISRAELI HOLOCAUST in the OCCUPIED PALESTINE!! What a disgrace. Even A Nazi Can Join in Israeli Government!!!

Iraq invasion a disaster, concedes British PM! Yet, Zionists and Zionised spin-doctors are vehemently denying it. It is like their failure to recognize Criticism is not anti-Semitism. Jewdified Dutchland and Captive Dutch People should be good enough to send the alarm bell.

Further to Zionised Diversion Tactics, The Result of American Terrorism, John Howard’s double standard, Middle East Formula for Peace, Do They Deserve Hitler? and Earning Gas Chamber Points; here is another good reason to escort them in to gas chambers while ISRAEL LOBBY SAYS PENTAGON ‘INFILTRATED. Yet, Nazi Zionist Netanyahu got the audacity to say: Iran like 1938 Germany! However, brave Venezuela is standing up against modern day Hitlers of Israel at the time when Israel controls America whilst Australia’s Howard licks Israeli boots even though Israeli snipers killing American troops. Sadly, number of Jewish lawmakers worldwide reaches record high.

Fury in U.S. over Olmert's comments on Iraq war virtually goes unreported in the mainstream zionised media!

War criminal’s prestige and love child of Hitler dines out for America could not be more scary than anything else. Little point listening to discredited Rupert Murdoch? Keep building new vision, media politics sharing. However, Israeli gifts to Zionised Americans are really good one! Yet, the evil of censorship is one of the many dirty practices of the desperate zio-nazis to hide their war crimes and genocides.

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