Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Kangaroo Courts and Wombats

Kangaroo Courts and Wombats

The courts are starting to accept that the war against Iraq is a crime while Australian Judiciary, politicians, corporate media, even the general population have been acting in such a manner that could be described as complaisant and robotic. The Disneyfication of war allows us to ignore its real savagery and Britain is determined to protect its right to kill civilians at random.

European Jews for Justice and Union Leader Faruque Ahmed are saying the same thing. One must wonder who and why are blindly supporting Israeli war crimes and genocides!

Downer’s RAMSI prostitutes are our national treasure! However the same brothel keeper of Australia is going to give Rice 'some ideas on Iraq' and terrorising PNG.

Further to Zionised Diversion Tactics, The Result of American Terrorism, John Howard’s double standard, Middle East Formula for Peace, Do They Deserve Hitler?, Earning Gas Chamber Points and Modern Day Hitler Marching! a thorough investigation is a must instead of silencing any opinion and analysis.

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