Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Do They Deserve Hitler?

Do They Deserve Hitler?

Further to Zionised Diversion Tactics, The Result of American Terrorism, John Howard’s double standard and Middle East Formula for Peace; Saddam’s Trial proves the fact that Nuremberg Trial was a Zionist conspiracy and joke. Asian and Muslim Hater Owns SC TV Indonesia and Indonesian state machines are blocking this news to people of Indonesia! Angry young men and the transcript prove the fact that a state sponsored discrimination against Arabs and Muslims alive and well like the old ‘white Australia policy’.

Fabricated fear of Muslims is a cancer among us by Mike Carlton failed to wake up many Australians. Yet, many ungrateful Australian Zionists are conducting their war against Muslims from local bunkers. They also do not see Jews are responsible for Holocaust or They deserve Hitler and Holocaust due to many Israeli Nazis barbaric acts!

Inability of Salman Rushdie made him angry against Muslims! However, his dialogue with God exposed him and his paymasters badly. Yet, Zio-Nazis like him immensely!

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