Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Disgusting Israelites

Disgusting Israelites

Sydney IMC off air 4 days now and Nazi Zionist Israelites Crimes Against SIMC are only a few examples of believes and practices of Israelites of our time. Will you be looking for the contents of the comment 1 and 2?

It is not a conspiracy! However, the Sydney IMC hides all stories and links pointing out Nazi Zionist Israeli war crimes and genocides. They do so because they are muted by the Hitler’s holocaust sixty years ago and they refuse to see Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine in front of everyone.

Well, Zio-Nazis control the mainstream media outlets and they managed to hide the longest running concentration camp known to mankind in the occupied Palestine. This concentration camp got a stamp of infinity and this is known as Israeli holocaust in Palestine! The irony is, those people who claim to be the victims of Hitler’s holocaust (and their children) are sucking funds and sympathy to conduct further Holocausts without any remorse whatsoever!

We used to have a channel 31. Poor Palestinian origin Rihab Charida used to read some news about Palestine once a week! Eventually, good Israelites did not like that one and they managed to kill it entirely. Now the same lots have managed to enslave the Sydney IMC like United Zionist States of America and others around the globe! Nothing new! The same old story! Shame on you! However, I can assure you, I won’t give in.

Further to Zionised Diversion Tactics, The Result of American Terrorism, John Howard’s double standard, Middle East Formula for Peace, Do They Deserve Hitler?, Earning Gas Chamber Points, Modern Day Hitler Marching!, Kangaroo Courts and Wombats and My Dolly; a thorough investigation is a must instead of silencing any opinion and analysis.

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