Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Asian and Muslim Hater Owns 51% SC TV Indonesia

Asian and Muslim Hater Owns 51% SC TV Indonesia

Adelaide, Melbourne, Jakarta,

Asian and Muslim Hater Owns SC TV Indonesia. In Australia Further Anti-Muslim Conspiracies to promote anti-Muslim filths based on false and engineered materials can’t be denied!

NSW Police deny bomb plot claim. Kings Cross plot report a 'beat up'. Yet, Murdoch’s evil empire’s front page story was ‘Kings Cross 'may have been bomb target' and alleged child molester Alan Jones of Sydney’s hate machine called radio 2GB went on with his usual anti-Muslim rage.

The Cronulla Riot Report is subject to law and order auction right now. He is supposed to be Jesus Christ! However, Jesus was not a child molester. Arab Killer Haward and Further Anti-Muslim Conspiracies goes hand in hand while the Racist Sydney who Radio Incited Violence walks free and poor kids are the subject to law and order auction in Australia.

Faruque's Crushing Defeat (with radio 2GB) demonstrates the style of justice in Australia. His undeniable evidences and sound arguments were ignored. Even a section of the corporate media expressed its surprise while radio 2GB was absolutely scared to pursue Mr. Faruque Ahmed for the so-called court costs awarded to them by the very questionable judgement! Because they know very well, a concocted victory will smash in to pieces should they upset Faruque any further!! However, shameless Zionazis are dancing in the street with joy because they never won or knew anyone won against Mr. Ahmed.

Zionised Diversion Tactics, John Howard’s double standard can’t be ignored either and Middle East Formula for Peace must be adopted.

This popular article is too hot for the Nazi Zionists! They even infiltrated the “lefty” media outlets and doing what they are good at! They are hiding this. (categories: Hidden) Hidden by Anna Aniston - abundance of evil of foreign nations.

I say, smash zionised walls! Victory for free speech!!

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