Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My Dolly

My Dolly

Further to 2GB's Dolly is Not Israelite, A Dumb Arab and Zio-Nazi of 2GB; below is my love bite with Dolly. She represents Sydney’s hate machine radio 2GB.

“Who Controls America”?

Bush rejects Iraq report's key proposals as Israel controls America and neo-cons or Israelites who have conspired illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq in the first place are opposing any sensible outcome. Panel Urges Basic Shift in U.S. Policy in Iraq and questions like A Blueprint for Iraq: Will It Work in the White House? Will wither in vine due to the immense influence of the neo-cons who do not care about America in the first place!

The publication of who control America will attract fictitious criticism like ‘anti-Semitism” despite the fact that they are true and accurate! Congenital liars and hate merchants like John Howard and Alexander Downer are a curse to Australia. A dose of foreign policy realism for Bush could be ignored because of the existrance of a pesky little creeton of Australia! A stupidity of this kind may continue despite the fac that Bush's Iraq advisers agree on pullout and Syria calls on US to set Iraq pullout for a long time.

Illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq was inhumane and barbaric. Everyone knows Iraq was invaded to secure Nazi Zionist Israel contrary to the interest of USA and her population. Naturally, Americans are dying like dogs and earning hate from all over the world for nazi Zionist Israel. A situation very hard to comprehend!

Right now, the bipartisan Iraq Report is trying to work out some face saving way out of Iraqi quagmire organised by the neo-cons or Israelites in the first place! Yet, Israelites like Richard Pearl, Joe Liberman and zionised John MaCains are creating Israel-centric obstacles.

Dolly, I feel sorry for poor Americans like you. You lost everything to zio-nazis! Please join in “Free America Now” and help yourself like many good Americans. Else, your salvation could be far from historic tragedy! So please don’t be stubborn.

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