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The Evil of Censorship and Propaganda

The Evil of Censorship and Propaganda

Further to U Tube for Taxi List and Counter Censorship below the evil of censorship is one of the greatest threats in USA and around the world.

My colleagues from many countries around the world are debating and discussing issues concerning me and my religion and culture in the Taxi List forum without my participation! Suddenly, they have decided not to publish my side of the story and they are posting their versions only.

I therefore would like to remind them that prior to and even during and after the illegal and immoral invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the American airwaves and all other machineries were taken over by the morally bankrupt and intellectually handicapped warmonger neo-cons! These evil group’s barbaric plans were disguised under the banner of Americana and “Stop the Islamic Terrorism” slogan.

As a result the notion of justice, fairness, decency, humanity, democracy, free speech and all other cherished values known to mankind became disfigured and damaged beside loss of millions of lives, destruction of nature and environment, disbelief and distrust in international law and order situation.

These illegal and immoral invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan are Israel-centered and resource oriented sadistic geopolitical game! These conflicts had nothing to do with USA, UK, and Australian defense and safety.

Phony Tony and Julia Gillard directly and indirectly sponsored propaganda and censorship for their personal gains and their activities have resulted in Investigating shock jocks spin doctors and tabloid trash media outlets.

Submission to Propaganda and Conspirators of 9/11 and Mad Hatter's Tea Party Re Rights of Women in Islam were silenced by the evil forces of censorship and propaganda.

They also murdered:

1. The Influence of the neo-cons, Specifically Prejudice and Bigotry in the Climate Change Debate

2. What Do You Know About The Northern Territory Intervention?

3. 9/11 of 1967 - DEAD IN THE WATER

4. 9/11 Conspirators and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

5. 9/11 of 2010

6. 9/11 to 11/11 (Lights on for inquiry into taxi industry)

Finally A Failed Conspiracy of Shock Jocks, Spin Doctors and Tabloid Trash Outlets Why Do We Have to Lose Our Free Speech Because of Israeli Report Monkeys? and were murdered by the enemies of free speech and supporters of propaganda.

--- In, Dennis Kiernan wrote:

Of course the moderate Muslim may have a problem getting his views known, but I'm waiting for some of them to dissociate themselves from all the whackos getting the headlines. I havent seen any suggestions from them that, in view of all the bad repercussions it's creating, that the Imam just put his damn mosque somewhere else. After all, there is a lot of room elsewhere in NYC and mosques have been put up without protests. How about Herald Square? That neighborhood is good enough for the Empire State Bldg.

The cab drivers who get attacked by skinhead types are thought of as believing in stoning to death misbehaving women. Why dont they denounce the practice, unless they go along with the idea?

You dont find Americans keeping silent about the nutty Florida preacher who's planning a Koran burning, ala Adolf. The Muslims know most Americans see him as a nut case.

--- In, "Don McCurdy" wrote:

RE: [Taxi List] Re: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers

There is no doubt that muslims have a negative image here in the US. The unfortunate fact is that they have earned a big chunk of it. Every religion has it's whack jobs, but when you make excuses for bad behavior or treat others with prejudice you'll garner no sympathy from me. Groups like the flying imams, Minneapolis muslim taxicab drivers and others want special rights because they're muslim they bring on their own negative image. It would be hard for me to believe that someone is practicing religious tolerance sending bullshit links "proving" Israel or the US government had a hand in the attacks on 9-11. Muslims have been at odds with the Jews for generations, including their buddy Adolf. There's no reason for me to believe that they are suddenly tolerant, peaceful people when there are so many reasons to believe that they're not.


--- In, Peer Lindholdt wrote:

Re: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers

Re: Taxi-List and Taxi Drivers
Posted by: "Don McCurdy" dmc@... dmccurdy1952
Tue Sep 7, 2010 10:45 am (PDT)

I believe he's in Australia. Dmc

Unfortunately! He has outlived his welcome.


I have broken bread with Faruque and had some interesting conversations with him ..... about the taxi industry. That was before 9/11 which caused more grief to Muslims than anyone else. Think about it.

Just on the home front, perfectly innocent moderate Muslim and Middle Eastern looking cabbies went through hell because of 9/11. As a Muslim cabbie and driver advocate Faruque experienced the violence, abuse and tripling of fare evasions first hand. If he wasn't a fanatic before he certainly became one then. I wonder how many thousands or millions of moderate Muslims in the West turned radical or fanatical because of our indiscriminate persecution of them?

Faruque is not about to blow anything or anybody up, but he obviously gets considerable satisfaction from bombarding people like us with his neo-nazi anti-Semitic propaganda and not just once but incessantly.

I'll defend his right to free speech and to express his views, but not to bombard me and everyone with repetitious hate mail. All he has achieved so far with his indiscriminate barrage is to reinforce the growing view that he is a fanatical lunatic. He is doing the Muslim religion a disservice.


U Tube for Taxi List and Counter Censorship

For more: U Tube for Taxi List and Counter Censorship

A young girl understands Israeli hypocrisy but USA doesn't

They Don't Speak for Us

John Mearsheimer and co on the futile "peace process"

Democracy and Zionism can never work together

US-led “peace talks” going the way Israel hopes (ie. nowhere)

Beyond Exposing 9/11 and Israeli Connection and More

For more: Beyond Exposing 9/11 and Israeli Connection and More

In Exposing 9/11 and Israeli Connection I have attempted to append verifiable links to demonstrate:

1. 9/11 Connections and False Accusations Against Muslims

2. Israeli Connections in Many Conflicts

3. Many Disgusting Jewish Beliefs and Practices

4. Records of American False Flag Operations.

In Beyond Exposing 9/11 and Israeli Connection I have noticed that many people are not reading my materials due to censorship, inability or reasons not known to me. Yet, they are making silly remarks about me!

In Beyond Debate vs Murdering Free Speech I was addressing many issues including Faruque Ahmed's T-Shirt including the following:

USA got money. The Arabs got the oil. They need each other. No one needs war to buy oil. Please remember, Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq: A War For Israel and Illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq are state inspired violence. Iraq provides further evidence and therefore attacking the messenger (Faruque Ahmed) is not a good idea.

Debate vs Murdering Free Speech contains Submission to Propaganda, No Mosque at Ground Zero, Robert Spencer praises Newt's intellectual leadership in identifying threat of radical Islam, Video: America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan, Newt Gingrich Praises Anti-Defamation League for Opposing Proposed Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero, Newt says WTC mosque construction is a "political act" on NY1 News, Newt Gingrich Statement on Proposed Mosque/Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero and many other links and forums that contain my contributions and they are subject to public scrutiny.

Racism and Sectarianism Inspired Violence alerted about the so called Muslim leaders like Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, … to prevent misunderstanding.

Australia to America and Taxi Drivers went on to remind about Stabbed Muslim cabbie to enter Ground Zero mosque spat, Redfern Mosque Attack, Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque and Quinn Mosque attacks!

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