Thursday, February 18, 2010

Americans Will Do Anything to Slaughter The Iranians

Americans Will Do Anything to Slaughter The Iranians

The moral of the story is in order to slaughter the Iranians the US government will do anything!

Further to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's Middle East Peace Plan "During 80s US Government has used the Iraqis to slaughter the Iranians. In 90's they used the Kuwaitis to murder the Iraqis. Lately they are eliminating the Iraqis without anyone's assistance. Now, they want your assistance to wipe out the Iranians. After all, Americans are the servants of Israel. They are fighting and dying for Israel.

You see, Iraq was invaded to secure Nazi Zionist Israel! Iraq pullout would hurt Israel!!"

The above is the unreported Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's Middle East Peace Plan.

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US maps out tricky Dalai Lama visit


February 19, 2010

WASHINGTON: Barack Obama's planned meeting with the Dalai Lama in Washington overnight was to be a carefully choreographed affair with the US walking a diplomatic tightrope.

Keen to minimise anxiety in Beijing - but also to show due respect for the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader - the meeting with the US President was to be held in the White House Map Room, used for visitors who are not heads of state.

Officials described the Dalai Lama as an ''internationally respected religious leader and spokesman for Tibetan rights''.

There was to be no news conference or joint statement after the meeting, with photographs restricted to a pooled portrait. The two men were not expected to meet alone: the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, among others, was to be present.

Despite Chinese warnings that a meeting would damage Sino-US relations, the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said no restrictions had been placed on the discussion. The Buddhist spiritual leader, who has lived in India since 1959, would also be free to speak to journalists.

''When the President met with President Hu [Jintao] and other officials in Beijing in November he was clear that this meeting would happen … The Chinese officials have known about this,'' Mr Gibbs said. ''Again, I think a mature relationship between two countries allows you to do things like working on non-proliferation on North Korea … but also have disagreements.''

The US caution comes as it presses China to join global condemnation of Iran and commit to tougher action over Tehran's apparent nuclear ambitions.

China, with veto power on the United Nations Security Council, is vital for sanctions. Over the past 20 years, all US presidents have met the Dalai Lama, but President George W. Bush was the first to meet him in public.

A recent multibillion-dollar arms deal with Taiwan, alleged cyber attacks from China and the high value of its official currency, the yuan, remain sources of tension between the two nations.

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