Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Auditor General of NSW

Incorporating Ballee Drivers, Owner Drivers and Lessee Drivers
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P0 Box 322 Alexandria NSW 2015 ... 0419 272744

Mr Bob Sendt
The Auditor General of NSW
Level 15, 1 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Re: Nexus Taxi Plates

Dear Mr Sendt

We are writing to you in relation to the issue of Taxi Nexus Plates, which we understand has been referred to your office by the Minister for Transport Services.
Over the years we, as Taxi Drivers, and taxi industry activists, have on many occasions attempted to bring some accountability and transparency to bear on this issue. Now it is your turn.

The NSW Ombudsman, The Ministry of Transport and his Department, IPART and the Cook Inquiry into the Taxi Industry have all been alerted to the grave matters of propriety involved. No results so far.

We attach for your examination annexures AN 1, AN2 and AN4 being correspondence back in 1998 to and from the Department of Transport, which demonstrate the evasive attitudes which continue to this day.

In AK1, AK2 and AK3 we note that the fundamental statistics then sought remain unrevealed notwithstanding more recent requests from both IPART and the Ombudsman.

Although not directly related to the Nexus Plates, but pertinent to M0T attitudes are letters A35 and A36 that sought proper identification of taxi operator/bailor status. Secrecy as to the trail of ownership and accountability is widespread in the industry; and the misinformation that flows is the base of our concern.

We are preparing a more comprehensive dossier of other correspondence to IPART, the Ombudsman and the Minister to be submitted to you when your official inquiry commences. We would very much prefer that these submissions be a part of the official documentation as sworn testimony.


Michael Jools
President NSW TDA
Wednesday, 1 December 2004

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