Friday, March 9, 2007

Transcript of telephone conversation between Bush and Biny

Transcript of telephone conversation between Bush and Binny

Subtitle: How Did He Cross The Line?

Shrub and his advisers were worried. They knew, little Bush might not cross the line after all! Bush was worried but prepared. He does not trust the White House communication system. He knew, the FBI and Mossad have been bugging them for a long time. So he wore a Burkah to evade everyone and eventually went to the nearest public telephone booth. He made the phone call!

GB: Hi Biny (cheerful voice).
OBL: Aloo
GB: Biny, it's me; your buddy
OBL: Buddy! My foot
GB: What are you talking about Binny?
OBL: Some of my boys are pissing in their trousers. They think you are going to stab our backs like Saddam Hussein before the election (disappointment appears in his voice).
GB: Oh no, no Binnny. Oil price is up, DI shares are up, we are making good money and you are my golden geese; what made you to think that I am going to hurt you ・you silly camel (frustration in his voice).
OBL: Alhamdu-lil-lah (you can hear the sounds of counting bids). Why the hell you rang me than (a faint voice says slowly ・bloody infidel) Bushy?
GB: Oh Biny, I say, bismillah, alhamdu-lil-lah everything and I am not an infidel ・I am an ahlul kitab, born again, people of the book you know (murmur appears, camel fucker).
OBL: (Impatience in the voice) O.K.. O.K., what do you want then?
GB: (With a nice and sweet voice) Biny, could you issue a Media Release attacking Infidels? Because, that will help me to cross the line and you will be safe for at least four years ・I promise (voice is cheerful).
OBL: OK (very assertive voice) I'll do it. But, if you betray me; you will be the burning log of Hell.
GB: (sounds of flying kisses in the horizon), I love you Biny, bye (un-transcribable)

Source: Transcript of telephone conversation between Bush and Binny

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