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Kisan who hates Muslims and Arabs!

Kisan who hates Muslims and Arabs!

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Re: 66 Dead in Terrorist Bombing of Indo-Pak Train


Why don't you find your way to the nearest gas chamber! It is long over due you know!

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Re: [freeamericanow] 66 Dead in Terrorist Bombing of Indo-Pak Train


You did it again.While I was going through your post, I was pleasantly surprised on seeing a factual post. So why did you have to spoil it by your comment at the bottom by which you insinuated that this has been done by Muslims.Funny, how you twist everything.For the records, till now Indian Investigative Agencies are investigating and no evidence have been found which can help in pin pointing the perpretrators.


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66 die in India-Pakistan train attack

February 19, 2007 08:37 ISTLast Updated: February 19, 2007 11:13 IST

In a suspected terror attack, 66 people, including some Pakistani nationals, were killed in explosions believed to have been set off by improvised explosive devices in two coaches of the Delhi-Attarispecial train for Lahore at Deewana near Panipat, about 100 kms from Delhi.

Several people were also injured in the incident, which the Northern Railway said was a clear case of sabotage.

The two coaches, where all the deaths took place, were completely gutted and only the charred remains were visible.

The explosions in the train took place at 11:55 pm on Sunday night. The biweekly train left the Old Delhi railway station at 10:40 pm.

Northern Railway General Manger V N Mathur, who reached the spot from Delhi, said two suitcases were recovered from the spot -- one on the rail track and one from the train.

Both the suitcases contained IEDs -- one of them also had incendiary material, either kerosene or petrol, he said.

He said he had talked to the gateman near Deewana station who told him that he had heard two distinct explosions. "From this evidence, we deduce that this is a clear case of sabotage," Mathur said.

After detaching the two coaches, the rest of the train left for Attari via Wagah. Superintendent of Police (Panipat) Mohinder Singh Sheoran said that forensic experts from Madhuban were summoned.

A senior police officer said a Pakistani national has also given information to police regarding some explosive being planted on the train. The official said the passenger was identified as Shamshuddin.

Two Railway Protection Force personnel, who were on duty in the two compartments are missing, he said, adding that it was suspected that they could be among the dead. The train runs non-stop from Delhi to Attari where the passengers are shifted tothe Samjhauta Express, which goes to Lahore after Customs and Immigration clearances.The train only has operational halts at some stations, including Ludhiana and no passenger can alight from or board the train en route.
Whilst apparently no group has claimed responsibility for this atrocity Islamic militants fighting jihad to free Kashmir from non-Muslim rule have a past history of attacking Indo-Pak buses:
Militant killed in attack on trans-Kashmir bus shelter
5 killed, 12 hurt in Kashmir bus attack
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