Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dick Chaney of Skull and Bone Society

Dick Chaney of Skull and Bone Society

Friday evening was beautiful. I took a day off today and yesterday I already made a T-shirt to welcome Skull and Bones member Dick Cheney. Last night I spoke with Radio 2ue’s Clinton Maynard and today John Stanley of the same station about Iraq, Dick Cheney etc. In both occasions, it turned out to be pleasant research and analysis types of sessions as well as many people were supportive of our arguments and our expressed objectives! Only one and half “nice” persons expressed their anger at us without any logic or valid evidence.

However, the shirt reads, “Zionist Criminals I love Osama”. I was walking across Sydney’s Circular Quay and noticed too much and unnecessary police activities. I had free half and hour time prior to my attendance of a discussion forum called Iraq and Afghanistan – American Quagmire”.

So I walked towards the infamous hotel where war criminal has imprisoned himself for three days. This morning he gave a half an hour so called lecture to a few business people. Many of these business people thought they are terrorists because accompanying American terrorists of Dick took over the security and treated them improperly. At the evening Cheney will meet poor old and uneasy Kevin Rudd and tomorrow the man of “steal” John Howard. Very busy schedule indeed!

As I approached the venue, many American pretend media people took many of my photographs because of my T – shirt! At one stage a few police person surrounded me and very politely asked me,
Police: Sir what this T- shirt says and we have to search you because of your shirt?
Me: Not a problem, go ahead (with a smile! However, the Police did not make any attempt to search me).
Police: What is Zionist?
Me: Are you sure you don’t know Zionists who follow Zionism?
Police: Please educate us.

Naturally, I explained Zionism to them and I also told them Zionism is worse than Nazism. They were happy with my statements and told me to continue my journey. I went further and found more police blocks which generated a bit of anger at my face! Would you believe, police officers on duty over there smiled at me and I waved at them with a friendly gesture! Finally, I noticed a beautiful part of Sydney was turned in to a mini Guantanamo Bay! I was disgusted and even on my way back I conversed with a few officers.

I said to them, “mate what the hell going on here! Our beautiful city has turned in to a mini Guantanamo Bay for one Skull and Bones member”!
Basically, they agreed with me and said, “it is a over kill”, ….. .

I also had a few nice friendly and gentle exchanges with them prior to my departure from that sad place. I wonder, is it possible to do the same in the USA?

Abridged from: When Cheney Comes in Town

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