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Hitler Wanted To Take Over The World

Faruque Ahmed
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I am sick and tired of these types of conspiracy in the zionised media outlets! They have been misusing and abusing the name Hitler!! I already have a round one with a Professor of History about this subject and I won.

I would like to know what was wrong with Hitler?
A. Hitler wanted to take over the world icon_redface.gif .
My A. Britain, Spain, French, Holland, Portugal and many more countries tried to take over the world. Now USA and few others are trying to take over the world icon_redface.gif .
A. Hitler was racist icon_evil.gif .
My A. So were Britain, America, Australia, French, Italy and others icon_evil.gif ? Therefore my question is, “howcome only Hitler stinks yay.gif ”?

Hilaly like Hitler, says prominent Muslim
January 15, 2007 01:50am
Article from: AAP,23599,21060381-1702,00.html

SHEIK Taj al-Din al-Hilaly has done as much damage to Islam in Australia as Hitler did to Christianity, a prominent Muslim leader says.

Sheik Hilaly, Australia's top Muslim cleric, sparked controversy last week when on an Egyptian chat show he labelled white Australians “liars” and said Muslims were more entitled to be in Australia than people with a convict heritage.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Council's legal adviser Haset Sali labelled the sheik's recent diatribe as insane and said the comments had horrified the vast majority of Australian Muslims.

“He has been about as helpful to Islam in Australia as Adolf Hitler was to Christianity during the Second World War,” Mr Sali said.

“Hilaly increasingly chooses to rewrite what he thinks should be in the Holy Koran and his sick and vile comments in his recent interviews are not only un-Islamic but also inhumane and highly disgraceful.

The sheik is on holiday in Egypt in what was supposed to be a self-imposed exile following comments he made late last year at a Ramadan speech at Sydney's Lakemba mosque.

He compared immodestly-dressed women to “uncovered meat” and said they were responsible for the sexual assaults they incur.

The sheik said his comments on Egyptian television were taken out of context.

He said the same about the media reports of his comments made at Lakemba mosque.

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