Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Australian Values

Australian Values

Australian values are based on denial and concoction. The following reasons are good enough for substantiation:
1. We say, “Australia was discovered (like invented) and we made it inhabitable and therefore it was not inhabited (by the civilized people) before”.
2. We maintain, “We did not murder Aboriginals”. In reality, “We have eliminated undesirable elements to ensure ongoing stability and strength of the society”.
3. We vehemently deny, “We’ve raped Aboriginals”. The fact of the mater is, “We have provided required sexual pleasures to those savages in order to promote love and harmony in the society”.
4. We can assure you, “We haven’t stolen Aboriginal children”. The undeniable fact is, “We simply went through tremendous amount of difficulties and endured a significant amount of sacrifices to promote integration”.

Therefore our national strength and morality are based on the most fundamental level of denial and concoction.

Sources: Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Free Australia Now and Muslim village

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